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The RM-Fullsize is a top mount full-sized keyboard kit with an aluminum case, plate, and big ‘ol knob machined in the PNW by yours truly.  This kit requires you to provide some parts, and you must assemble it yourself.  Assembly requires soldering.  Be sure to read the build guide before placing your order.

You’ll need to supply the following:

  • PCB mount stabilizers
  • Switches
  • Keycaps


  • 6061 Aluminum case, plate, and knob machined by myself in the PNW, USA
  • 4 degree built in angle, with optional feet to raise to 7 degrees
  • Solder and hotswap PCB options, designed with help from @snipeye
  • Multiple layout options (see picture in gallery)
  • USB-C daughter board compatible with the Unified Daughter board version C3
  • Space for your favorite pencil and snacks



There are multiple PCB options.  Please read below before choosing your PCB:

  • Production Soldered – This is the final production version of the soldered version of the PCB.
  • Production Hotswap – This is the final production version of the hotswap version of the PCB.  It comes with hotswap sockets installed.  Make sure you read the build guide and hotswap addendums before ordering to understand some caveats of this option.
  • Prototype Soldered – Switches are north facing.  Once it was discovered that cherry keycaps may interfere with north facing switches, this version of the PCB was abandoned.  If you don’t plan on using keycaps that interfere with north facing switches, this may not affect you. Reset/bootloader button may not line up with case hole.  The first version of this PCB combined these two buttons. Entering bootloader mode is different:  Press button once to reset.  Press and hold to reset to bootloader.
  • Prototype Hotswap – Same as the Prototype Soldered version, except it’s designed to work with kail hotswap sockets.  Sockets are NOT included.  Some of the holes used to screw the plate to the PCB may not line up. This won’t affect function, but will make installing switches in some sockets a little more difficult than normal.
  • Prototype Hotswap Assembled – Same as Prototype Hotswap, but this DOES come with the hotswap sockets, as well as a smooth encoder installed.
  • Blem Hotswap – This is a blemished version of the Production Hotswap board.  One of the holes is not drilled correctly.  If you plan on using the 6.5u first row, this will not affect you.  If you plan on using the 7u first row, you can drill out the hole or remove the third leg from the switch that goes in this position.  See a picture of this blem here

There are multiple case options.  Please read below before placing your order.

Unfortunately, all of the cases in the first run were damaged, and must be sold as blemished products.  There are multiple options, each option has an associated discount and page with pictures detailing the blemishes.  Please take a close look at the pictures on the pages below and consider your options. To purchase your keyboard kit, select a PCB and encoder from the dropdowns above, and add it to your cart.  Then, at checkout, use the coupon code associated to the blemished case you’ve chosen.  If the coupon code does not work, that means I’m sold out of cases from that option.  Please try another coupon code.

***NOTE*** If you place an order without using a coupon code, your order will be canceled.  You must specify which case you want.



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