A numpad kit with an aluminum case and big ol’ aluminum knob.

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The RM-Numpad is a kit that comes with a tray mount case in aluminum, as well as an aluminum knob, made here in the Pacific Northwest by yours truly.

The RM-Numpad is sold as a kit including the PCB with all surface mount components; including the MCU soldered to the PCB, an FR4 plate, a USB-C plug, an encoder, a case, a big ol’ knob, some rubber feet, and all of the screws and allen wrenches needed to put it together.

Note: Two options for plates are available.  A limited number of MX/Alps compatible plates are currently available, so if you only plan on using MX switches, please leave the Alps compatible plates for other people.

Optional: The kit comes with feet to raise the case to a 4 degree angle. If you want a 7 degree angle, you’ll need the spacers available here.

Optional: Raw aluminum.  If you want a color other than black, save a few bucks and get the raw aluminum kit!  Note:  Raw aluminum is soft.  Raw aluminum parts will be straight out of the milling machine, and may include shallow surface scratches, tooling marks, cutting oil, and burrs; which are typically removed during the finishing process. It is strongly recommended that raw aluminum parts are bead blasted before being coated, however if no coating is applied, the parts will easily pick up scratches and character from being used.

You’ll need to supply the following:

  • PCB mount stabilizers
  • Switches
  • Keycaps

Assembling this kit will require soldering.

Check out the Build Guide before purchasing!

Additional files (right click -> save as)

If you’d like to use a different layout, you can create your own using the QMK repo



Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 16 × 13 × 5 cm

Raw Aluminum, Anodized Black


MX Only, Alps & MX