RM Fullsize: Hotswap Addendum Part 2

Mounting the plate to the PCB

To aid in assembly, the hotswap kit comes with spacers, screws, and nuts to hold the plate onto the PCB.

The holes in the PCB used for mounting are circled with a white circle.

Assemble the plate and PCB by placing the spacers between the PCB and plate, and using the M2.5×10 screws, with the M2.5 nuts.  Make sure the heads of the screws are on the top of the plate, and the nuts are on the bottom of the PCB.

When inserting switches into the hotswap PCB, make sure the bottom of the PCB is resting against a hard surface. If a socket is not supported, and the insertion of a switch requires too much force, or is repeated too many times, it can cause the socket to de-laminate the PCB, and rip the contact pads off with it.  Make sure the sockets are fully supported by a hard surface before installing the switches.